7 Amazon Product Targeting Strategies For 2021

7 Amazon Product Targeting Strategies For 2021
May 19, 2021

When it comes to advertising your products as an Amazon seller, one strategy that is often not taken full advantage of is ASIN targeting. 

ASIN targeting allows sellers to improve their advertising funnels by giving them the ability to strategically find and target both weaker competitors and complementary products. Sellers can also target their own ASINs in order to protect their brands from losing sales to niche competition.

The Entourage Playbook Series for advertising on Amazon reviews how to set up ASIN targeting campaigns across all ad types. In this blog, we will discuss new and unique methods to help sellers to find more ASINs to target.


Amazon PPC ASIN Targeting

The first strategy for finding additional ASINs to target for those sellers who have access to Brand Registry, is to use the Market Basket Analysis Tool. It’s located inside of Amazon’s Brand Analytics, which provides sellers with insights into their product’s performance, customer search behavior, and their competitors.

Market Basket Analysis allows sellers to see what other items are being purchased along with their products. Sellers can better understand the combinations of products that customers often buy together when they purchase their products. This helps to identify the next product that might interest a customer.

You can look up data over a period of time, such as quarterly, monthly, or daily. After selecting the time, the Market Basket Analysis report will show the three products that consumers most often buy together within the time range. 

You can use this information to identify other ASINs to target.

This information can also be used to develop more effective pricing, product placement, cross-sell, and up-sell strategies.

The second strategy for discovering ASINs to target, is to use the Amazon suggested ASINs for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. 

Set up the campaign of your choice, then collect the Amazon suggested ASINs and use them for ASIN targeting. Keep in mind that the suggested ASINs for each of these Amazon advertising ads will be different (predominantly between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display).

Be sure to periodically check to see if Amazon has suggested any new ASINs that you can target.

The third strategy for unearthing ASINs to target, is to dig into your Search Term Report to identify all of the ASINs that have two or more orders. (A software tool like PPC Entourage is ideal for performing this task.)

Collect these ASINs from your previous product targeting and Automatic campaigns. Identify the ones that have converted a minimum of two times with a good ACoS and use them for ASIN targeting.

The fourth strategy for finding ASINs to target, is to use a paid tool named Keepa (, to provide you with a large list of ASIN variations. With it you can find all of the product ASIN variations in your niche. 

This can give you an important competitive edge, because a significant number of your competitors may not be targeting these small ASIN variations. This increases the odds that Amazon will show your ad if you are specifically targeting the micro-variations of an ASIN.

Keep in mind, that some of the ASINs that are shown may be very low traffic ASINs. Slowly, test the ASINs presented in Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads (groups of 100), over time to determine which ones are most likely to help your ad to be shown to potential customers.

The fifth strategy for identifying ASINs to target, is to use the Helium 10 ASIN Grabber extension tool. The ASIN Grabber is used to identify best-selling items over the year or during a specific season. You can use it to uncover the relevant ASINs from the main product keyword and then target them.

The sixth strategy for harvesting ASINs to target, is to use the ASIN Grabber for New Arrivals. Click on ‘newest arrivals’. The latest products in your category will be revealed.  Once these ASINs are  collected, you can use them to ethically steal sales from your weaker competitors.

The Seventh strategy for finding ASINs to target, uses the ASIN Grabber to harvest complementary product ASINs. This allows you to ‘widen the net’ on your ASIN targeting. You will want to use lower bids because these ASINs aren’t as relevant. 

ASIN targeting gives you precise control over which product gives you visibility because you can specify the product variations that you want to advertise on. As an Amazon seller, you should consider utilizing these strategies on a regular basis (at least once a month), in order to help improve your sales.

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