6 Awesome New Features in PPC Entourage – October 2019

Mike Zagare
Founder PPC Entourage
October 21, 2019
2 min read

Hey Entouragers!

In this video, Mike Zagare walks you through 6 killer new features from PPC Entourage, including our brand new Community Data tool – available to all Amazon sellers for free at



The Holiday Sales Season has been in full “unofficial” swing for a few weeks now. With Halloween hitting today, this is an ideal time for you to explore Entourage’s updated features to discover how they can help you to further dial-in your strategic plans for the selling season.

The six updated features inside the Entourage software include:

  1. Organic to PPC Sales Ratio (located in the Your Products section) – shows the percentage of sales that are coming from organic versus pay-per-click. (The ideal ratio would be comprised of 80% organic sales and 20% sales generated from PPC.). Seeing this information can reveal whether or not you may be spending too aggressively on PPC.
  1. Product images shown any time there is an ASIN inside of Entourage. This will help you to better understand as you are optimizing (for example an Auto Campaign), what is working and what is not. 
  2. View the product image inside of Bid Optimizer, Search Term Optimizer and Negative Word ASIN Finder
  1. Tweaks to Negative Word Bulk Optimizer – now information is broken down by campaigns, which makes it much easier to identify all of the potential Negative Phrase Matches, that can then be placed inside of your campaigns. You will be able to see the number of unprofitable clicks that occurred by campaign, as well as all of the search terms broken down by unprofitable clicks.
  1. Community Data Tool – with this new feature, the Entourage team and I will be sharing the trends (what’s working – what’s not working), revealed by our on-going data mining, in order to help the members of our Seller Community to make the best decisions about their PPC campaigns. This tool will provide a wealth of detailed insights in several critical areas (check out the video to see the laundry list covered and how the information will be presented by multiple, easy-to-follow and understand graphics.)
  1. The last update is located inside of Entourage Margins…the FBA Fee Margin Impact. We’ve added a specific line to show Margin users the average sales price. This will allow users to determine if the average sales price remains static or if it fluctuates significantly. If the average sales price remains static, yet the user’s FBA fees fluctuates, this is indicative of a problem (Amazon is most likely overcharging the user).


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