5 Amazon PPC Optimization Strategies to Limit Wasteful Ad Spend


Last week’s strategy video about how to adjust budgets and bids to protect yourself from the impact of COVID-19 seemed to really hit home for many of you, and I’m so glad it was helpful.

By your request, today I’m diving deeper into PPC optimization practices that you can leverage right now (yes, immediately) to help cut wasteful ad spend and improve the performance of your advertising during these chaotic times.

Whether your product is suffering from outbound shipping delays, inbound inventory delays, or an overall drop in sales performance, reducing wasteful spending and maximizing your ROI is how all of our businesses will make it through to the other side.

As always, I hope that you find the video insightful and that these tips and strategies help your business to succeed. If my team and I can be of any assistance to you, reach out and let us know.

Stay safe out there, everyone!


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Mike Zagare

Founder, PPC Entourage

Michael Zagare is a serial entrepreneur, a recovering physical therapist, and the founder of PPC Entourage.

Mike has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all things Amazon, and loves sharing that knowledge with other sellers to help them take steps towards personal and financial freedom.
Mike Zagare