4 Advanced Amazon Advertising Tips

4 Advanced Amazon Advertising Tips
June 23, 2021
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Sometimes, it is easy for even the most experienced and creative of Amazon sellers to get stuck in a marketing rut which sees them repeating the same things over and over again. 

Have you evaluated your marketing strategies recently, only to realize that you have become stuck in a rut with your Amazon advertising, and are not sure of what steps to take next?

Marketing strategies don’t stay static for long. What may have worked well in the past, may no longer be relevant to shoppers today and in the future. 

As things change, you have to adjust your marketing tactics in order to retain your current customers, while attracting new shoppers to your products.

If you are struggling to think of new ways to improve your Amazon advertising, this blog will reveal four tips to help you to break free from an advertising rut.

4 Tips to Break Free From an Amazon Advertising Rut

Product Targeting:

Tip #1: Make sure that you are doing Product Targeting. Product Targeting is an underutilized strategy for many sellers. Product Targeting allows you to improve the relevance of your ad campaigns. You can target specific products, categories, brands or other product features that are similar to the product in your ad. You can also use product targeting to help shoppers find your products when browsing detail pages and categories. 

Look At Search Term Report:

Tip #2: Go into your Search Term Report and identify those search terms that have converted really well. See where you are ranking on those search terms. Determine if there is an opportunity for you to target search terms that have done well with higher bids-budgets.

Repeat Purchase Behavior Report:

Tip #3: Go into Brand Analytics to view the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report. This report, located in Amazon Brand Analytics, helps you to learn more about the buying behavior of your customers. 

The Repeat Purchase Behavior report shows the number of orders received for each of your products and the number of unique customers who placed orders. The number of orders may include multiple quantities of the product and may differ from ordered units. 

By comparing the number of orders with the number of unique customers, you can identify products that have been ordered more than once by each of your customers during a specified timeframe. This information will help you to better determine where your Ad Spend is allocated.

Optimize High-Performing Targets

Tip #4: Optimize bids on the targets that are performing really well. Find all of the targets that are within your profitable ACoS threshold (whatever your breakeven may be), and then increase the bids on them to stimulate more sales. The goal is to get more impressions and better placements for these targets by slowly raising your bids over time.

Finally, perhaps the most important step in breaking out of a marketing rut with your Amazon advertising is to practice not accepting the status quo. Remember that no matter which area you’re targeting, there is always room for improvement.

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