Automate Bid Adjustments to Keep Campaigns Profitable


Autopilot – Reducing Keyword Bids

What’s up, Entouragers? This is Mike Zagare and I wanted to shoot a real quick video about a brand new feature that we released last week called Autopilot.

Now, Autopilot is definitely in its infancy. It’s going to be expanding in the next couple of weeks, but it still is really, really cool. Actually, it really saved me from a situation recently that happened when we contacted Sponsored Products. We had them look at our campaign and what they kind of did was just really increase our ad spend and our budgets on each individual keywords so we needed a way to reduce the keyword bids real quickly and Autopilot was the way to do that.

Getting Started with Autopilot

If you log in to Entourage, you click on “Campaign Optimization.” You’re going to see that on the campaign list page, we now have a little section over here called Autopilot. Now, you’re going to notice that Autopilot does not work on auto campaigns right now. It only works on manual targeting campaigns. What you’re going to do is, you’re going to click on Autopilot and you’re going to set some basic settings. We have the target Amazon ACoS, right? So, that’s where we’re trying to get the ACoS of the overall campaign, but we’re looking at the individual keywords.

Autopilot, right now, in this infant stage is looking at the individual keywords within your campaign and we’re trying to get those individual keywords to hit that target ACoS. With this target ACoS of 30%, we’re saying that we want that individual keyword within this campaign to be at 30%. The max bid price we have set here is $2.00. Obviously, we’re not going to look at keywords that have no impressions.

The minimum clicks on a keyword to begin the Autopilot, we have, as a default, set to 10. You could set that to five, which means Autopilot will not kick in for that specific keyword unless there’s five clicks on that keyword. Once again here’s the impression so for the minimal impression on a keyword to begin Autopilot, we have that set to 1,000, which we feel is a really good place to start. For the number of waiting days to begin Autopilot, we have set to 14 so if you set that to 14, that means we will not start Autopilot for another 14 days. You can set this to zero and it will start right away.

How Autopilot Works

Here is how Autopilot works: Autopilot is going to run once a day. It’s going to run at night so basically, at night, it’s going to look at every single keyword inside of the campaign that you have chosen, and it’s going to look at the keyword bid price, and it’s going to relate that to your ACoS, and it’s going to try to make a match so that your bid price matches up to your ACoS.

It may raise or it may lower your bid price. Let’s go over a couple of examples– let’s say you have a really, really good ACoS on a particular keyword like 10% and you put in a target of 30% over here so you’re doing really well already. The Autopilot is actually going to raise the bid price on that keyword because it’s saying that we want to get more impressions for that keyword since it’s already done so well. The Autopilot is going to raise the bid on the keyword and hopefully, you’re going to get more impressions for that keyword. On the flipside of that, let’s say, a keyword is running at about 50% ACoS. The Autopilot mode is then going to lower the bid price in an attempt to get a more favorable cost-per-click or a more favorable click price so that you can be more in alignment with your target ACoS.


So, just to recap: the Autopilot will run every single night and here is a very, very critical piece– we’re going to be looking at 60 days worth of data so you know that it’s not like the most recent data but it’s 60 days worth of data, which is really, really good. You don’t want to do this if it’s just like the most recent data. We want to make sure that we have a good sample size and we thought that 60 days trailing was a really good place to start.

A little recap: this is going to run once a day; it’s going to look at 60 days worth of data; and it’s going to raise or lower the bid price on the individual keywords within a campaign based on your target ACoS and a couple of things that you’ve set over here.

Keep in mind that PPC Entourage is going to have some really awesome and kick-ass advanced settings coming out soon that I think you, guys, are going to absolutely love. There’s a reason why we are the #1 Amazon Seller Software! We have it all set and ready to go in a couple of weeks so stay tuned! I think it’s going to be a huge game changer and it’s going to help a lot of people out. Any questions, feel free to reach out. Cheers and I look forward to hearing about your success. Enjoy the rest of the summer, guys. Take care.