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PPC Campaign Management Designed for Your Personal and Financial Freedom

Let’s face it, you need Amazon PPC management. Like so many Amazon sellers, you may be struggling to find the time to research the campaign creation strategies, management techniques, or new keyword opportunities that are an absolute must if you wish to grow your business. Further, finding someone you can trust with such a crucial aspect of your business is daunting – who is reputable? Are they experts?

There’s now a solution for sellers just like you – Entourage PPC Management Services!

My name is Mike Zagare, and I am the founder of PPC Entourage. I speak for the entire PPC Entourage team when I say we are all excited at the prospect of working with you and are deeply appreciative of your trust in us to help you to achieve the vision that you have for your Amazon business.

Our approach is simple…we don’t tell you what to do…we collaborate with you to determine your most urgent priorities and highest impact action items, (to implement as soon as possible), in order for your business to experience expediential growth.

Our knowledge, insights, proven strategies and hard-won experiences in the Amazon sellers’ trenches can help you to usher in a new, prosperous chapter for your Amazon business.

  •  Audit Your Current PPC campaign – focused upon creating a blueprint for updating or re-designing your PPC campaigns to eliminate needless Ad spend, reduce your ACoS and increase your organic visibility.
  • Listing Optimization – we will review your listing and back end data and make recommendations to improve your conversions.
  • Search Term Expansion – we discover the exact customer search terms that generate more profits per click for your business
  • Keyword Expansion – we will dive deep into your campaigns to find the most profitable keywords, then turn them into phrase and exact campaigns your ACoS and increase your organic visibility.
  • Campaign Optimization – we will identify which campaigns are bringing in money and which are costing you the most money.

Each month, you will receive a detailed progress report that identifies key performance metrics and gives you an easily understandable rundown of how your account is doing.

If you have any questions, our support team is available to you via email or Skype.


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