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Keyword Expansion – Find New Traffic Opportunities

Alright, so we’re back inside of our Amazon keyword tool. This is the section where you’re going to find all the keywords and you’re going to put them into this section over here. You can either copy and paste a list, a large list, and as you can see, from the example before, we have a total of 836 keywords that we’re testing to see if we have inside of our campaigns yet. You can either copy and paste or upload the file — I just copied and pasted.

Research Keywords By SKU

Now, keep in mind that if you are doing a research for a particular SKU, I recommend doing all of your research in one week all upfront. Go and get as many keywords as possible for that particular SKU, do this step all at once, and then come back the next week and do it again. It takes our system a little while to recognize it so you want to make sure that you do it once, give it a couple days, and then do it again. If you need to brush up on some of the basics, check out our amazing Amazon PPC Guide.

Finding Brand New Keywords

We’re going to start with 836 keywords here and then we’re going to pick the particular SKUs that we want to analyze and then all of the campaigns associated with those SKUs are going to show up on the right-hand side. I am going to select all of these campaigns, which means we’re looking into all of these campaigns, and we are going to click on “Find New Keywords.” Now, what we’re doing is, we’re looking at all of these campaigns to see if these keywords are located inside of these campaigns. When we do that, the results are going to show below.

Amazon Keyword Tool Results

We have 628 brand new keywords that we can then take and put into a new campaign right inside of PPC Entourage. I’m going to get rid of the word “keyword phrase” because that was just copied and pasted, but here we have a list and we are going to add that to a new campaign. We can also add that to an existing campaign or a different ad group inside one of your research campaigns.

Creating a New Campaign

I’m going to show you, just really quickly, how to add to a new campaign. I’m going to click on “Add to New Campaign” and we’re going to give this a name “Research – Nail Clippers.” I made a daily budget of, let’s say, $50. Manual targeting – that’s the only option. We’re going to give this a name – we’ll do “Keyword Inspector 1 Reverse ASIN” – there we go! We’re going to select both products here and you’re going to see that all of the different keywords that we found before are going to be located over here. We’re going to choose a bid price of, let’s say, $1.10 or a dollar – we’ll make it $1.10 – we’re going to “apply to all,” save and finish, and we are all set.

Going back to Keyword Expansion, that is how you add a brand new campaign using Keyword Expansion. As you can see, it really doesn’t take much time. It’s very simple, straightforward, and easy to do.

Here’s a little trick that we learned along the way – turning these words into individual words is another great strategy. We have a little button here called “Individual Words.” You can select individual words. Turn these words into individual words and then add to a new campaign and create an individual word campaign.

You can also add that to an existing campaign that you already have set up. This is one great strategy. We recommend a slightly lower bid and again, this strategy is located inside of the Blueprint if you wanted to learn a little bit more. By now, you should know that if you click on the individual words, you’ll see that only 134 are remaining. Of those 632, it has boiled down to 134 individual, unique words that we’re going of a campaign.

Once again, this is the process that we do on a weekly basis: find new opportunities, go out there, do some bulk keyword research, and add it into Keyword Expansion. This allows you to plant seeds, which is going to really help you yield a lot more inside of Search Term Expansion and Match Type expansion.


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