Cleaning Up Your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

The Amazon Seller’s 2019 Prep Checklist

As 2018 comes to a close, it may be tempting to sit back and rest on the laurels of a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend, or a profitable holiday season. As Amazon sellers, we know better than most that an Entrepreneur’s work is never done. It is with this in mind that I’ve put together an easy to follow, step by step checklist of “Must Do” items to clean up your 2018 campaigns and prepare for 2019.

Reviewing Your Negative Keywords More

Doing a quick review of our existing negatives, especially directly-related words in negative phrase (and even some in negative exact), is crucial to ensuring we receive the maximum amount of impressions.

Optimizing Your SKUs in Bulk More

Not all products, even traditionally profitable ones, will perform well across all campaigns. Reviewing your products in bulk is an excellent way to identify campaigns and ad groups that may be causing certain products to underperform. This is a great way to cut wasteful ad spend and to ensure you’re investing properly in your products.

Optimize Based on Average Cost Per Click More

High CPC keywords can drain your budget completely, leaving you unable to compete for other keywords and search term opportunities in your niche. Reviewing the performance of your high CPC keywords will allow you to determine if you should continue to invest, or if it is time to reduce the budget (or remove the keyword entirely).

Properly Using Negative Phrase Match More

Mastering negative phrase match is an excellent (and increasingly important) method of lowering your ACoS by controlling which search terms Amazon connects to your keywords.

Eliminate High ACoS Keywords More

It may seem simple enough, but once a keyword starts generating revenue, it can feel difficult to get rid of it, even with a high ACoS. It might be tough, but learning when to draw the line on a keyword, even one that has generated revenue, is imperative as you look to properly invest your bids and budgets.

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